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Flood down dry river bed

 Brett F. Sanders
 Civil and Environmental Engineering
 University of California, Irvine
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Our research group is interested in the simulation of hydrodynamics and water quality in rivers, estuaries, and coastal waters. We have focused on the development of Godunov-based finite volume models to solve the shallow-water equations for applications involving wetting and drying of uneven topography. This includes dam-break flows, runup and overland flow resulting from tsunamis, flooding and draining of tidal wetlands, and flood flows in rivers as shown above. Lately, our attention has turned to improving model efficiency and the parameterization of models using available geospatial data.  We are also interested in surface water quality modeling in conjunction with field monitoring efforts, performing simulations to better chacterize the processes controlling the spatiotemporal distribution of various analytes.

A major ongoing project is FloodRISE, funded by the National Science Foundation, where we have assembled a team of security experts, planners, economics, hydrologists and engineers to evaluate whether and to what extent parcel-scale data on flood risk can enhance efforts to make urbanized coastal areas more resilient to flooding.

A presentation about FloodRISE given at the Beckman Center of the Nation Academies of Sciences and Engineering in Spring of 2014 provides an overview of the project.





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