CEE 20 (4 Units) Engineering Problem Solving with Matlab. This course provides an introduction to Matlab and a designed to develop a suite of problem solving skills useful for upper division engineering courses and graduate courses. Topics include: running Matlab, visualizing functions, script and function programming, finding roots of non-linear equations, solving linear systems of equations, least squares fitting of curves to data, solving nonlinear systems of equations, and integrating ordinary differential equations.

CEE 171 (4 Units) Infrastructure Hydraulics. This course presents methods of analyzing flow in pipelines and pipeline networks, and designing such systems. Course also covers flow measurement methods and an introduction to open channel flow. Course involves weekly homework assignments, wet-laboratory experiments, and computer laboratory exercises.

CEE 178/278 (3 Units) River and Estuarine Flow. This course covers steady and unsteady channel hydraulics. Steady flow topics include uniform flow, rapidly varied flow, gradually varied flow. Unsteady flow topics include flood routing and tidal oscillations.

CEE 277 (3 Units) Transport Processes in Rivers and Estuaries. This course presents an introduction to the mathematical modeling of mixing in surface waters. The concepts of diffusion, turbulent "eddy" diffusion, and shear flow dispersion are covered. Students learn to build simple computer models to predict water quality.

CEE 279A (3 Units) Computational Methods for Environmental Hydraulics. This course covers advanced topics related to computer modeling of hydrodynamics and water quality in surface waters. Emphasis of the course varies from year to year.

CEE 20 is usually offered annually Spring quarter and CEE 171 is offered annually Winter quarter. One of the remaining courses is typically offered each year as well. Schedules appear roughly 3 months in advance of each quarter on the UC Irvine Schedule of Classes. Professional engineers interested in upper division/graduate courses may petition to enroll through UC Irvine Extension.